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Like previous years, in the summers of the year 2023 also

Management Associates Launches A Six-Week Online Internship Program - 2023


‘Innovations in Business Processes’

(June 03 – July 15, 2023)



1. Introduction:

‘Management Associates’ is incorporated as a company under the Company’s Act 2013, MCA, GoI. It is promoted by a pool of learned and experienced professionals from all over the country. Prime motive of ‘Management Associates’ is to motivate and facilitate knowledge seeking students, budding entrepreneurs, talented intrapreneurs, innovators and professionals paving overall organic development.

Among many other activities in the domain of ‘Innovations, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Business Processes, Venture Development and Scaling up, Management Associates conducts internships for the students to motivate them towards their successful professional journey, proving success stories, contributing exceptional spawning and ultimately converging benefits to the society.

2. Objectives of Internship: 


  • To boost creativity and innovation and foster intrapreneurial oriented culture among youth and youngsters.

  • To gain knowledge regarding technical and businesses aspects like product development, marketing, human resource, supply chain, production, finance, investment etc. in any start-up.

  • To make participants well acquaint regarding the Indian Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and explaining them the keys for business success.

  • To prepare participants towards industrial driven scope and options pertaining to both intrapreneurism and entrepreneurism for early-stage success in the Corporate World.


3. Eligibility:


  • Students, Scholars, Aspirant Intrapreneurs & Entrepreneurs, Start-up Promoters and others who want to excel in the global business world.

4. Fee:


  • INR 1199/- (to be paid online through QR Code). Online receipt is to be attached in the google application form.



5. Internship Scheme

Internship will have components as mentioned below: -


Parameters                                         Duration (in weeks)                    Details                                Dates

Online pragmatic sessions                              6                          Total 30 sessions          June 03 to July 15, 2023


Certificate Distribution : - July 15, 2023


6. Major Contents of the online sessions

Session Number                        Contents

Section 1                                     Invention, Creativity, Innovation in Businesses

Section 2                                     Cognitive, Creative, Innovating, Intrapreneurial & Entrepreneurial Thinking

Section 3                                     Types of business organizations

Section 4                                     Strategic Intent (VMO) of a business organization

Section 5                                     SWOC Analysis

Section 6                                     Business Environment Analysis

Section 7                                     Concept of Entrepreneurship

Section 8                                     Concept of Intrapreneurship

Section 9                                     Corporate, Business & Functional Objectives & Strategies

Section 10                                   A Viable Product Development Process

Section 11                                   Product Market Fit

Section 12                                   Intellectual Property Rights

Section 13                                   Pre-Sales Marketing I

Section 14                                   Pre-Sales Marketing II

Section 15                                   Marketing Management

Section 16                                   Human Resources in Business

Section 17                                   Business Finance I

Section 18                                   Business Finance II

Section 19                                   Business Model

Section 20                                   Business Intelligence

Section 21                                   Presentation of a Venture I

Section 22                                   Presentation of a Venture II

Section 23                                   Funding for Business Venture I

Section 24                                   Funding for Business Venture II

7. Issuance of Certificates

A certificate will be issued to all the participants on July 15, 2023 (through online valediction event) after successful completion of the internship.

8. Last date to register                         May 31, 2023 (Wednesday)


9. Bank’s details for fee payment


Sr. No.            Particulars                             Details

1                     Name of the beneficiary       Management Associates

2                     Bank Name and Address      Indian Bank, Sector 51 Noida 201301

3                     Account Number                    50110521540

4                     Account Type                          Current

5                     IFSC Code                                IDIB000N614

6                     Fee to be paid                         Rs. 1,199/- per participant


10. Registration for the participants


                       Registration Link:

Any queries could be Emailed at   or WhatsApp: +91 95 60 497 097

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