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1. Experts/ Mentors - We are seeking learned experts in all the domains of 'Entrepreneurship' for the startups, institutes, universities, incubators, accelerators, international organizations associated with us.
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2. Partner Institutes - PIs are welcome to associated with us (after signing a formal MoU) to get facilitations in establishing E-Cell/ Incubator in their campuses and handholding for their students who are aspirant entrepreneurs.
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3. Incubator Partners - IPs may associated with us to get acceleration related help in all the functional areas for their pre-incubatees/ incubatees (startups).

4. Startups - Startups association with us is to expedite their growth journey. A lot many mentorship programs are organized by us to provide mentorship for the promoters of the startups.

5. Students/ Budding Entrepreneurs - Wannapreneurs are motivated to associated with us to develop an entrepreneurial mindset and become ready for taking up an entrepreneurial venture.
Budding Entrepreneurs are suggested to fill their details at

6. Investors - Interested serious investors are invited by startups/ incubators associated with us.

To associate with us as,
1. Mentor
2. Partner Institute
3. Investor

fill the above form or,

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