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Pre-Incubation Phase (i.e. E Cell or ED Cell)

Incubation Phase

Acceleration Phase

Post Incubation Phase


An MoU Format may be downloaded (Click here) applicable if signed within Academic Year 2019-20

Establishment of Entrepreneurship Cell (E-Cell)


Name of the Fraternity:- E - Cell [Followed by University/ Institute’s Name]


Step 1:- Draft the Objectives of the Proposed E-Cell (Major objective – to develop entrepreneurial ecosystem among students, alumni, faculty and staff members)

Step 2:- Team of the E-Cell

  1. Faculty In-charge or Chairperson – E-Cell – A Senior faculty member, overall responsible for E-Cell establishment and activities

  2. Faculty Advisors (optional) – One each from all the disciplines

  3. Students Team (Minimum 10) Format of application is available on demand

       i.  President of E-Cell (optional) – One

       ii. Co-ordinator – Two

       iii. Event Management – Four

       iv. Marketing (including digital marketing) – Four

       v.  Media and Public Relations – Two

       vi. Design and Website – Two

       vii. Sponsorship – Two

Step 3:- Getting approval from the competent authority of the University or Institute

Step 4:- Plan the activities for the entire academic year

Step 5:- Budget appropriation

Step 6:- Add professionals as external experts/ speakers

Step 7:- Organize the events (as per plan)

Step 8: Option of signing MoUs with other organizations

Step 9: Document quarterly reports

Step 10: Review and amendments

Establishment of Incubation Centre


Name of the Centre:- As per Society/ Section 8 Company Names

Steps are depended upon the objectives and expectation from the Incubation Centre.